Market Analysis of 2010 for injection mold industry

Issuing time:2010-05-20 15:40

Modern molds not only provide service for various industrial important production equipments, also provide service directly for the high-tech industries. Due to its unique and important role in product research and development, innovation and production in manufacturing, mould manufacturing capability and level have becoming an important symbol to measure a national innovation capability.

1. The demand value of 2010 China auto parts is 180 billion yuan

Auto parts, this market is greater than that of vehicle. Because it supports the vehicle, old car maintenance, non-automotive industry internal-combustion mating three fields, and also can provide international purchasing. It is predicted that the value of local demand for auto parts would over 1800 million yuan in China in 2010, as a result, the mould industry that provides equipments for auto industrial parts will also get high speed development.

2. IT has entered great-leap-forward development stage

Information industry’s added-value in 2005,China, up to 1.14 trillion yuan, sales income may receive 3.4 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27 percent. Mobile phones, TV, laser ShiPanJi, laptops and other major product to grow by more than 30% . The information industry in China in 2010 will continue at a rapid development, the mould will still be in short supply in China.

3. Building materials, hardware, plastic moulds industries develop by leaps and bounds

The sales of China's small home appliance market in 2007 exceeds more than 8000 million yuan. It is expected to be more than 10 billion yuan in 2010. Agricultural machinery, food machinery go with the propulsion of solving the "country, agriculture and farmer " questions propulsion, farm machinery market has a good prospect. With the leaps and bounds development of construction industry, new building materials are in great demand, heterogeneous material mould, plastic pipe mould, etc. will also achieve rapid development.

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